Give your faithful and loving pal an insulated outdoor dog house for his birthday

If you love your feller as much as he loves you, chances are good that you will always remember his birthday.

But because you are human and he is, well, a dog, you can never love him as much as he loves you. That’s just the way it is and you have gratefully come to accept this fact of life. It warms your heart to see him greet you every morning as you ready yourself for work. And it pleases you to no end to see his tail wagging ferociously while his eyes remind you that the evening walk is imminent after you have dropped your things in the entrance hall after arriving home from work.

Every year it is the same, but there’s a different treat install for him. One year it is a new squeaky rubber or furry toy which he can rip to shreds within a matter of minutes. He’s a big feller that one. If he’s a big feller, you’ve more than likely provided him with a large wooden dog kennel. Another year it’s a special bag of tasty treats.

insulated outdoor dog house

They are yummy and nice and also allows the lad to exercise his molars because he can chew on them for hours on end. It’s much better than old bones which have dangerous splinters in them which can easily damage the old boy’s throat. And, of course, the vet approves. And then every other year, you take your best pal with on your annual vacation, and boy does he love that. It’s frankly no surprise to him because the moment you start loading the truck he knows something’s up.

Where you heading sir, he quietly yelps. This year for his birthday, why don’t you give him a real surprise? Why don’t you head off down to your regular pet store or order the merchandise online, and go and buy the feller an insulated outdoor dog house. By the time winter arrives again, he’ll love this new house or pad of his even more. He’ll still love it now because this innovative future age kennel will keep him cool during those hot sweltering nights.

Inside, this modern kennel is pretty comfy too, because a hardworking dog like yours has got to get his rest. Early up in the morning long before your cock crows. Chores to see to, morning rounds and sniffing of boundaries to see if no pesky cats jumped the wall during the night while everyone was asleep. Of course, if there was real danger during the night, old yeller would have raised the alarm. By the time the cops arrived, all would be well again.

All thanks to your good friend that loves you more than you do. He’ll love you even more once you’ve bought him his state of the art outdoor dog house which keeps him warm and allows him to get a good night’s rest.