How to Build Muscle Mass Without Having to Take Steroids

We all want a body like Arnold (well most of us) but don’t want to take steroids. Steroids have recent a large amount of negative press in recent years due to the adverse health effects it has on the body. While steroids are not safe there is another way to boost your muscle growth with the use of human growth hormones (HGH). There are products like Ipamorelin which promotes the development of muscle without the negative side effects we find in steroids. While products like Ipamorelin can increase your results there are some things you need to understand when building muscle mass.

Factors That Impact Muscle Development

There are some factors that everyone needs to review when trying to stimulate muscle development. Whether we agree with these rules or not does not matter, we are all subject to them without discrimination.

·    Age impacts muscle development. The older we get the harder it becomes to build and even retain muscle mass. When a man reaches his early 30’s his human growth hormone levels in his body drop (this is a natural part of aging). As the hormone levels drop the body begins to shed lean muscle mass which is why some men appear to “shrink” as they age. By introducing a human growth hormone alternative the effects of this loss of muscle mass should be stopped in its tracks. Since time is working against you it would be smart to start building muscle as soon as possible.

·    Your muscles have a memory. This may sound silly but if you do the same exercises over and over the muscles will become accustomed to them.  Once your muscles become accustomed to performing the same exercises over and over you will lose the benefits associated with the training. What you need to do is “shock” your muscles and we aren’t talking about electricity. By changing up your workout routines your muscles will not be able to establish this “memory” so you will get the maximum benefit from your training.

·    Sleep. Lack of sleep will mess up the hormones in your body and once that happens your muscle gains are pretty much thrown out the window. When we get enough sleep (enough varies from person to person) your hormone levels will stabilize so you are able to benefit from the human growth hormones in your body and those you are taking orally.

·    Have fun! While building large muscles is the goal you should try to have fun doing it. There is an expression “it’s not the destination but the journey that matters”. By having fun while training you are going to attract like-minded individuals who will help you make the most of life. If you take things too seriously then it will have a negative effect on your overall mental health. A positive mental attitude does wonders when it comes to muscle gains.


Will you have a body like Arnold? Probably not but you will have an amazing looking body if you work hard at it and take your supplements. The sooner you start training the sooner you can start to see results. It all rests on your shoulders.