Is there a Need to Buy YouTube Views?

As is the case with any expenditure you are going to take on, you may be wondering whether it is worthwhile to do any type of marketing or promotion of the videos that you are going to post on YouTube. And the fact is that we have to recommend that you do use some money to do this, especially when you are first creating your channel and posting up new videos every few days. It is absolutely vital that you get your name out there in some way, and you get traction going towards your channel in the early days.

When you have an established account and profile, it is not so hard. You can see that in the work that the other YouTubers are doing. Some of them have thousands or millions of subscribers, and they have plenty of followers on sites like Twitter as well. The only thing they need to do is tweet that they have posted a new video, and they will be getting those views they get each time. And if their new video is particularly good, it may even get to a point where it trends on YouTube and gets them added view numbers.

However, when you have a new channel, none of those things are going to happen for you. It will be a matter of battling and scraping even to get 1000 views. And you will not want to settle for those kinds of numbers. So what can you do? We will say that you should look into the option to buy YouTube views if you have a new channel. What this is going to do is give you artificially higher view and like numbers on the initial videos that you are putting out. You will not rely on this forever, but you need it in the beginning.

You need it because you want people to go on your channel and watch your videos. And if they see one of your videos when they search for a topic, or they come across your channel in their recommendation tabs, they will be interested. If they see the videos are getting a good amount of views, they will wonder what you are doing so well. But if they see that you barely get any numbers on multiple videos, they will assume your videos are not very good. It may hurt to realize this – but it is how YouTube works.

buy YouTube views

If you are doubting these facts, think about how you go about finding videos on the site. If you search for a topic and there are five or six videos that seem relevant, what will you click on first? Would you click on a video with 30,000 views or one that has 300? You will probably go for the more popular video first, as you will assume that it is very good. It is the same assumption that people will make about your content, which is why buying views is the way to go in the early stages.